Medical and health professionals

Red Spark Consulting utilises extensive experience accounting for health professionals and medical practitioners at all stages of their careers to provide a well-rounded and reliable tax and accounting service to clients in all health services. Whether you are a new intern, registrar sitting their exams, salaried employee or a consultant looking to move into private practice, your tax and accounting needs will be in safe hands.

Our aim at Red Spark Consulting is to use our skills and knowledge to make your accounting simple and appropriately structured, minimising the tax you pay and saving you time.

Accounting for health professionals who work as employees

We will make sure you maximise your deductions, set up investment structures for the future and take advantage of the salary-sacrificing opportunities available.

Accounting for medical practitioners and health professionals moving into private practice

We will guide you through the whole process: how services fees work; the best way to complete your bookkeeping; how to account for GST; and the best structure to trade through to protect your assets.

Setting up a practice of your own

Looking to set up your own practice? We can guide you through the best structures for trading that will minimise tax and protect your assets. We will discuss the strategies around engaging other health professionals, minimising payroll tax and other costs associated with running your own business.